Newspaper: Armenian authorities are ready to make concessions in
matter of Vano Siradeghyan's return to Armenia

by Ashot Safaryan
Saturday, August 31, 17:37

The rumors about ex-Interior Minister of Armenia Vano Siradeghyan's
return have recently become more active in Armenia, Hraparak newspaper

The source says that the circles close to the authorities have
discussed this issue suggesting that the authorities are ready to make
concessions provided Siradeghyan returns and goes to jail for some
time. "The trial will be resumed and impartial investigation will be
conducted", says the newspaper.

To recall, Siradeghyan is charged with organizing a number of murders
and attempted murders from 1992 to 1994. Following the resignation of
the first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan in 1998, the
investigation of the murders intensified and the defendants claimed
that all the murders and attempted murders had been committed by
Siradeghyan's instruction. In 2000 Siradeghyan fled Armenia and has
been internationally wanted since then.