Moscow has understanding approach to Armenia - opinion

13:27 - 31.08.13

The Russian authorities have an understanding approach to the current
foreign policy challenges facing Armenia, according to an expert.

Speaking to, the political analyst Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan
said both the official Moscow and the western powers realize
complicated regional developments surrounding Armenia, with none of
them being actually ready or able to take full responsibility for the

Asked whether the political decision on initialing the EU Association
Agreement may be annulled following President Serzh Sargsyan's visit
to Moscow, the expert said he doesn't think such a scenario possible.
`I don't think so given that Armenia has passed quite a long way for
initialing the Association Agreement. This is an elaborated policy
were have been seeking for,' he answered.

The analyst added that Russia realizes Armenia's geopolitical
situation and the advantages it may gain from its South Caucasus
ally's enhanced political-economic cooperation with Europe.

`The same understanding approach exists also in the West. The
development of relations with Iran, for instance, has never been an
obstacle to the Armenia-US or Armenia Europe relations. Hence, Armenia
is in a less unique position in this respect,' he noted

The expert said that Serzh Sargsyan's scheduled meeting with Russian
President Vladimir Putin will be a good occasion to discuss and find a
maximum optimal solution to the disagreements that have existed so
far. `But the policies directed to the EU are irreversible,' he added.

As for the high-level Armenian-Russian cooperation, the expert said
that though the process may have seen a certain freezing lately, none
of the sides have so far attempted to accuse each other.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich said recently that the country
has to decide through a referendum whether it wishes a membership in
the European Union or the Customs Union. Ukraine is now on the
threshold of initialing the Association Agreement.

But the Armenian expert doesn't think a referendum is the right option
in this case. `That's just an ordinary international treaty directed
to the development of the Armenian-European economic relations. That's
all,' he said.

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