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Javakhk Diaspora head urges to abandon Brussels-promised illusions

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  • Javakhk Diaspora head urges to abandon Brussels-promised illusions

    Javakhk Diaspora head urges to abandon Brussels-promised illusions

    September 7, 2013 - 15:46 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net - The Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe session
    is ongoing in Slovakian capital of Bratislava, with Armenia's
    political leaning towards either Russia or EU on the event agenda.

    The head of the Javakhk Diaspora of Russia Aghasi Arabyan spoke at the
    event, noting that Armenia's decision will predetermine the fate of
    the whole Armenian people for generations to come.

    `With initialing of the Association Agreement at a Vilnius-hosted EU
    Eastern Partnership summit in November as a priority issue, media
    passions are running high, creating an illusion of population actually
    supporting the progress. Whatever the Western-financed publications
    and political experts might say, that doesn't reflect the actual will
    of people,' he stressed.

    According to Arabyan, if Armenia cannot follow both formats of the
    economic integration at the same time, it would be much more
    appropriate to weigh cons and pros before making loud statements about
    the European illusion everyone is being forced to believe at present.

    `Even now, promises of Euro 2 billion in investments are being
    officered from Brussels - it being unclear who'll be on the receiving
    end. In any case, Armenian people will stay out of picture. An issue
    that important should only be solved through a referendum,' he said.

    `The European Commission declared that Armenia's income after the
    signing of the agreement will soar by $146 million to amount 2.3% of
    GDP, with imports and exports to grow by 15.2%, and 8% respectively.
    Those figures are deceptive.

    In 2012, the volume of imports to Armenia thrice exceeded that of
    exports. If maintained further, this proportion will only lead to the
    trade deficit balance, and therefore its deterioration.

    Entering the free trade zone will remove the possibility of
    independent economic ties with Moscow and Tehran. True, at present
    over 2/3 of goods are imported to Armenia through Georgia, yet there's
    more statistical data to consult: by early 2013, Russia maintained
    leadership in the overall investment in the economy of Armenia ($ 3.29
    billion,) which is more than 40 per cent of the total annual
    investment in Armenia's economy, with France having invested three
    times less.

    We're being promised Euro 2 billion, while even now we're getting over
    3 billion a year, with no one making a stir about it.

    According to CBA data, $130 million in private investments has been
    transferred to Armenia in April, with ongoing projects (Rosatom) where
    the investment volume amount to approximately $5 billion.

    The goals pursued by Europe through Eastern Partnership program are
    clear enough: to Europe, cooperation with countries like Armenia is a
    way to strengthen its economy after the 2008-2009 crisis. So Armenia's
    leadership has a choice: to get the money now and turn Armenia into a
    satellite nation, while risking a loss of a partner upon whom not only
    the country's economy but also military and strategic safety depends,'
    Arabyan concluded, urging to leave the crucial decision to the people
    of Armenia.