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"The World Reckons With The Culture Of Jews And Armenians." Jewish C

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  • "The World Reckons With The Culture Of Jews And Armenians." Jewish C


    September 18 2013

    The regular guest at the 7th International Music Festival in Yerevan
    was German resident Jewish conductor Israel Yinon, who will lead
    the regular festival concert of the State Philharmonic Orchestra of
    Armenia to be held in "Aram Khachaturian" concert hall on September 20.

    Famous musicians of the said festival launched on September 11,
    violinists Isabelle Faust (Germany), Boris Brovtsin (UK), cellist Narek
    Hakhnazaryan (Russia), in the interview with "Aravot" first indication
    that they were honored to participate in the festival that is dedicated
    to the anniversary of the great composer Aram Khachaturian.

    In the interview with "Aravot", Israel Yinon expressed his joy that
    he is finally in the homeland of Khachaturian, noting that attempts
    to present the talented musician not only as a Soviet but also as
    a Russian composer for decades were in vain. The conductor said, -
    "We, Jews, and you, Armenians, are nations who survived genocide,
    and the world knows that we are not common only by this. Ultimately,
    this tragedy is an undeniable fact,- reminded our interlocutor,
    adding, - Nazi Germany was a genocidal state. All state resources
    were directed to the implementation of massacres, genocide. The
    civilian population was terrified according to national identity,
    Jews and other "undesirable" nations was subjected to persecution,
    confiscation of property, and drove to concentration camps and so
    on. Genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire and our Holocaust
    are considered the most famous examples of crime of the 20th century."

    The art critic recalled the phrase of Adolf Hitler "Who remembers
    the Armenians massacres...", at the same time noting as to what names
    the two nations had given to the world.

    Presenting Israel Yinon, the foreign press notes that alongside
    extensive repertoire under his leadership, the conductor devoted
    himself to the performance of less performed and unfoundedly
    forgotten plays, including the works of banned composers of the
    "Third Reich, Hans Krasa, Pavel Haas, Elvin Shulhof, Victor Ullmann
    and others, as well as works of forgotten expressionists of the German
    representatives. The conductor said,- "This really talented artists
    are my compatriots. Their works under my leadership have performed
    in London's BBC Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, Jerusalem, Vienna,
    Berlin and other famous orchestras. Today, I was acquainted with
    the Armenia Philharmonic and I am confident that this band is not
    conceding abovementioned bands ... One thing is obvious, the world
    reckons with the culture of the Jews and Armenian, though he does
    not often speak about it."

    Samvel DANIELYAN

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    From: A. Papazian