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Europe Did Not Give Russia Opportunity To Take Artsakh

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  • Europe Did Not Give Russia Opportunity To Take Artsakh


    EU Commissioner Fule said in an interview with the Kommersant Ukraine
    that Brussels will compensate losses of those CIS countries which
    underwent Russian economic sanctions for their desire to sign the
    Association Agreement with the EU.

    Fule means Moldova and Ukraine which appeared under stronger pressure
    ahead of November. It is an important statement which will not apply
    to Armenia, however. Why?

    The EU did not believe the Armenian government but believes Ukraine
    and Moldova. Or are Ukraine and Moldova more important at the moment
    and therefore Brussels preferred letting Russia's vapor out in Armenia
    and focusing on Kyiv and Kishinev to prepare decisive resistance?

    Or maybe Brussels learned a fresh lesson from Armenia, knowing that
    assistance, not pledge is the best counteraction to Russian pressure

    In regard to Yerevan, the EU is mostly limited to pledges, postponing
    the donor conference for Armenia, withholding investments that would
    weaken the powerful political influence of Russian capital with
    Armenian registration on decision making.

    However, this was so obvious that one does not need to miss Armenia
    to understand.

    Maybe the problem is the immense Russian influence on Armenia unlike
    Ukraine and Moldova, which will allow Brussels to exercise more
    effective defense there.

    Brussels will hopefully talk to the Armenian society and explain why
    it did not help Armenia.

    They may say that the issue was not economic, and the Artsakh issue
    mattered where Russia threatened a war and change of government of
    Armenia. Nobody doubts that Russia has the necessary levers.

    Brussels is ready for economic protection but it will never enter
    into confrontation with Russia on military security in the Caucasus,
    especially considering the Syrian issue.

    >From this point it view, the current correlation of powers in the
    region is better than risking it, and thus boosting Russia's presence
    and advance to a more convenient position, the area of Artsakh and
    the border with Iran. Moreover, Armenia and Artsakh will not resist
    to Russia because the majority of political and social groups with
    some rare exceptions have already approved directly or indirectly
    Russia's aspirations.

    Hakob Badalyan 12:41 20/09/2013 Story from News: