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Vahan Hovhannisyan's "Betrayal"

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  • Vahan Hovhannisyan's "Betrayal"


    Since September 3 the Armenian political opposition has been
    demotivated and appears embarrassed. Some politicians occasionally
    criticize Serzh Sargsyan for joining the Customs Union but their
    parties approve his step.

    Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his Armenian National Congress have not
    condemned Serzh Sargsyan's decision, considering it to be the only
    way out of the situation. Ter-Petrosyan only said that this decision
    could be presented in a more favorable light and boost one's image
    rather than ruin it altogether.

    Does this mean that the ANC altogether supports Sargsyan's policy?

    As always, the PAP's stance is uncertain. Naira Zohrabyan alleged
    Serzh Sargsyan on TV for abusing the confidence of the EU.

    Nevertheless, Gagik Tsarukyan and his PAP did not express their
    official stance. Tsarukyan personally cannot criticize the decision
    while supporting it means supporting Serzh Sargsyan. However, he
    cannot demand Serzh Sargsyan's resignation.

    The ARF has put up with the decision to join the Customs Union and has
    set to resolve the issue which it defines as more urgent - emigration.

    The ARF thinks that this issue can unite the political forces.

    Despite such state of things, Heritage leader Raffi Hovanissian thinks
    that all the parties could come together against the decision to join
    the Customs Union.

    The political forces of Armenia will hardly come together, emergence
    of blocs is more likely. The most topical motive could be Serzh
    Sargsyan's resignation. However, in order to put forth such a
    demand the political forces must state that Serzh Sargsyan's policy,
    including his decision to join the Customs Union, contradicts the
    national interest. Otherwise, the key political forces support Serzh
    Sargsyan by default.

    Although, in fact, the opinion and actions of the Armenian political
    parties, including the RPA, hardly interest anyone, especially given
    their miserable state. These parties could play a role before September
    3, expressing their support for either the EU integration or membership
    to the Customs Union, or after September 3, expressing vote of no
    confidence to Serzh Sargsyan or approving his decision. However,
    they did not do any of these, allowing Serzh Sargsyan to make a
    single-handed decision and thereby becoming his accomplice.

    Inability to take political steps has directed the entire "political"
    energy against Vahan Hovhannisyan of ARF who has been nominated
    ambassador. Now all the political forces are practicing allegations of
    betrayal against Vahan Hovhannisyan and his ARF. What has he betrayed?

    Serzh Sargsyan's policy of failure? And are those allegers following
    his policy?

    Naira Hayrumyan 12:02 20/09/2013 Story from News: