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Pre-Parliament Member Predicts Heated Tensions By May

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  • Pre-Parliament Member Predicts Heated Tensions By May


    15:41 * 19.02.14

    Hranush Kharatyan, a former lawmaker now representing the
    Pre-parliament group, says she expects heated tensions in Armenia
    until the month of May.

    Speaking to, the activist said she thinks that the joint
    campaign by the parliamentary minority and the civic groups, and the
    wave of public protests against the pension reforms is likely to take
    a more active turn by May 4.

    "There is, probably, no consolidation at the moment, because [the
    society] is waiting for the Constitutional Court's ruling on the funded
    [pensions]. Of course, the transport issue and Russia's migration
    package - which creates lots of difficulties for our employment
    migrants - will be in the limelight too, as the latter directly impacts
    our budget. It's an open secret that a third of Armenia's gross
    domestic product is obtained actually through those resources. And
    our payers become fully insolvent once employment migration becomes
    impossible; or else Russia has to change its attitude to Armenia,"
    she said.

    Asked whether the society doesn't need a political force to rely on,
    Kharatyan replied that doesn't think any of the parties inspires
    positive hope in the people.

    "That's a very important question. I don't think any of our political
    forces today inspires enough hope to make a consolidation possible.

    But I do not rule out the possibility of an alliance between those
    oppositionists or semi-real oppositionists in the coming couple
    of months. And that alliance may really be able to unite the civil
    rebellion around it. I cannot say it for sure, but I don't rule out
    such an option," she noted.

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