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Hovannisian: "We Will Not Abandon Our Country And Will Liberate Our

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  • Hovannisian: "We Will Not Abandon Our Country And Will Liberate Our

    POLITICS | 18.02.14 | 17:42


    By Gohar Abrahamyan
    ArmeniaNow reporter

    A year after the presidential ballot in Armenia, the official
    runner-up, Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian says the country
    is in crisis and re-elected President Serzh Sargsyan is responsible.

    After months of silence, on Tuesday, Hovannisian, presenting an annual
    national report, said that although a year passed since the elections,
    the post-election standoff has not receded for even a split second and
    that Armenia can overcome the current crisis only through pan-national

    "Heritage (party) and the other soldiers of free and independent
    Armenia have not left the battlefield; this short break has been
    for regrouping in order to gain strength and volume and become more
    powerful as the obstacle has not been overcome yet. Heritage has
    always been and will keep standing next to people, to the civil
    currents fighting for their rights, next to our glorious youth and
    freedom fighters [Karabakh war veterans]," he said.

    The former presidential candidate believes the current state of affairs
    in Armenia are the result of last year's February 18 "rigged ballot"
    and illegal reproduction of its leadership. The work style of vassal
    interactions prevails in Armenia's foreign policy, when relations
    are built on the pursuit of guarantees of external support to the
    ruling regime at the expense of national interests and the country's
    national wealth.

    "During one night an 'X' was marked over the extensive work on
    the Association Agreement between the European Union and Armenia
    in favor of the Customs Union's vague future, where, it turned out,
    they weren't really waiting for Armenia with open arms. The country is
    sinking deeper and deeper in the vortex of the enslaving agreement's
    validity period to last for decades," said the Heritage leader.

    Speaking about a number of issues challenging the country, Hovannisian
    mentioned also Shant Harutyunyan, regarded as a political prisoner,
    saying that most probably he is not the last political prisoner and
    demanded his and his supporters' release.

    "Our goal is to form a leadership through fair elections. The growing
    civil movements in the country are a warning that this regime's efforts
    are doomed and that it is no longer possible to cheat our people. We
    will not abandon our country and will liberate our state from antipode
    phenomena and will return to our people its legitimate rights and
    recover its humiliated dignity," said Hovannisian, then point by
    point cited the lessons learned from the developments of the past
    year, among them also "the impossibility of ensuring the expression
    of people's will under the current circumstances, the fact that the
    oppositional forces are not ready for a lasting struggle", etc.

    "Yes the struggle is ongoing and we have repeatedly stated and keep
    stating that Armenia can overcome the deepening crisis only by means
    of pan-national consolidation. Hence, everything has to be put to
    action - beginning from creating more and more new centers of fight
    and resistance cells ending with rejecting anti-state agreements
    and anti-constitutional national laws. It is time to shift from the
    February-18 historical glory and honor, grief and prayer to actually
    carving a future," he said, adding that "the establishment of a united
    forum and discharge of the non-elected authorities are as necessary
    as the air we breathe and the water we drink."