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Larisa Alaverdyan: Brutal Murder Of Gurgen Margaryan Should Be Obser

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  • Larisa Alaverdyan: Brutal Murder Of Gurgen Margaryan Should Be Obser


    18:46 19/02/2014 >> POLITICS

    10 years passed but the murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan by
    Azerbaijani Ramil Safarov has not received an adequate international
    assessment yet. Larisa Alaverdyan, first Ombudsman of Armenia,
    Chairperson of "Against legal arbitrariness" NGO, said about this in
    an interview with

    "I believe that the relevant institutions of the Republic of Armenia
    should prepare a package of case related documents and appeal to
    International organizations: EU, Council of Europe, and UN. This issue
    should receive an adequate international assessment, because it is not
    only about the murder of Armenian officer but a politics of xenophobia,
    including against Armenians, carried out by Azerbaijan," she said.

    According to the first Ombudsman, after Safarov was pardoned the
    Armenian side should have immediately sued Azerbaijan.

    Alaverdyan strongly believes that Ramil Safarov fulfilled an order
    of his state that is why he afterwards got rewarded.

    According to her, the absence of adequate international assessment
    has brought to the situation when Azerbaijan doesn't at all feel
    vulnerable around the negotiation table over the Nagorno Karabakh
    conflict settlement, whereas after the murderer was pardoned many
    forums should have become inaccessible to Azerbaijan, she said.

    "The Murder of Gurgen Margaryan should be observed in context of
    politics of xenophobia. International community should realize that
    in case of impunity the axe may rise against the national minorities
    of Azerbaijan. This is a threat not only to the Armenians but also
    to the security of the region as a whole," she added.

    In 2004, Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan was taking part in
    a three-month English course of NATO "Partnership for Peace" in
    Budapest. Early in the morning of February 19 he was murdered. The
    murderer - Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov - delivered 16 blows
    of ax to the face of the sleeping Armenian officer. As a result, the
    Hungarian court found him sane and sentenced him to life imprisonment
    without a right of pardon for 30 years. The news about the extradition
    of Ramil Safarov to his homeland and pardon by the Azerbaijani
    president Ilham Aliyev broke out on August 31.

    The pardoned murderer Ramil Safarov was greeted as a hero in
    Azerbaijan; he was given an apartment and was paid an officer salary
    for 8 years spent in detention. Moreover, Safarov was breveted
    Major by the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, who also wished him
    "every success."

    Because of Safarov's extradition to Azerbaijan the president of Armenia
    Serzh Sargsyan announced the suspension of diplomatic relations
    with Hungary. Safarov's extradition, pardon, and glorification in
    Azerbaijan was condemned by the US president Barack Obama, US State
    Department, Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and France,
    Secretary General of Council of Europe, Secretary General of CSTO,
    NATO, and international human rights organizations. In addition to
    that, European Parliament adopted a condemning resolution on September
    13, 2012.

    Today, on February 19, is the 10th anniversary of commemoration
    of Armenian officer's death. To the 10th anniversary of Gurgen
    Margaryan's murder in the frameworks of the "Ordinary Genocide" project
    a video-footage has been prepared called "Azerbaijan: Racism without
    borders." The video footage is in English and Russian. It concisely
    presents the history of the murder that had stunned the world, as well
    as the programs following the incident and Safarov's glorification in
    Azerbaijan.It is significant that the authors chose Symphony number 7
    ("Leningrad") by Dmitri Shostakovich known as "the invasion of the
    Nazis" as a soundtrack for the footage.

    The "Ordinary Genocide" project is being implemented by the Information
    and Public Relations Center under the RA President's administration.