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While Academy of Science Stays Silent, Turkey's Fraud will Succeed

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  • While Academy of Science Stays Silent, Turkey's Fraud will Succeed


    31 July 2004

    International Organizations Disoriented by Turkish "Proofs"

    In their issues of July 20 two Turkish newspapers Milliet and Eni
    Shafak citing Anatolu news agency informed that scientists from
    Armenia and Turkey exchanged 100 documents on the Armenian Genocide
    during Vienna meeting of July 16. The Milliet together with two other
    Turkish publications, Radical and Turkish Daily News, addressed to the
    meeting once again on July 21.

    The Turkish press gave no name of Armenian scientist participating at
    the meeting but, instead, emphasized that the meeting was arranged by
    the Armenian-Turkish platform of Vienna, was presided by the Vienna
    University professor Mr. Biehl and that the Turkish delegation was
    headed by Prof. Halachoghlu, president of the Organization of Turkish

    While most of the Turkish newspapers were evading the Armenian
    delegation, Radical wrote, referring to the president of the Institute
    of Armenian Studies of the Eurasian Military Research Center Hasan
    Okta, that the Armenian sidewas represented by the president of the
    Museum-Institute of Armenian Genocide and by a professor of the
    Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

    The Azg Daily has posted the abovementioned articles without adding
    any comment. Dr. Hasan Okta rushed to inform Azg Daily that never
    mentioned the president of the Museum-Institute and the professor of
    the academy in his interviewed to the Radical and that the newspaper
    was mistaken.

    Ashot Melkonian, president of the Institute of History of the National
    Academy of Sciences, wrote to Azg Daily saying that the Turkish
    informationabout the Armenian scientists participating in the Vienna
    meeting was a blatant lie, and the president of the Museum-Institute
    of the Armenian Genocide Dr. Lavrenti Barseghian wrote about the
    translations from the Turkish press that "the journalist published
    false materials of the Anatolu news agency without checking them out."

    It is out of doubt that Dr. Hasan Okta would not have turned to Azg
    Daily to refute the misleading information of the Turkish press unless
    Azg Daily hadn't published the Turkish coverage of the Vienna
    meeting. We wouldn't have had Ashot Melkonian's and Lavrenti
    Barseghian's response to Turkish deception either.

    We should mention that the Turkish press didn't aim at Azg Daily but
    rather intended to disorient interested international
    organizations. Consequently, referring to the Turkish publications,
    Azg Daily only disclosed the plot.

    Though the lie is unmasked, there still remains a major question: is
    the international community aware of this? Armenia should immediately
    find out the names of Armenian scientists participating in the
    meeting, then inform the University of Vienna of the fraud and demand
    that both the Armenian-Turkishplatform and the university, as the
    organizer of the meeting, speak publicly over the issue.

    It should be the initiative of the Armenian Academy of Sciences to
    inform and demand explanation from the Vienna University as the latter
    had turned to the Academy and received its consent over arranging an
    Armenian-Turkish meeting in Vienna.

    The present attitude of the Armenian Academy is just amazing to
    us. Are they unaware of what is going on, are they indifferent? It is
    hard to say. But we know for sure that Turkey takes advantage over
    Armenia in the issue of the Armenian Genocide and presents its false
    facts to the Vienna University andother international organizations
    whereas the Armenian Academy of Sciences is reluctant to act.

    Although the falsifications cannot stop the process of the Armenian
    Genocide acknowledgment, they may hinder it. The fact that the
    Genocide acknowledgement is a first priority for our state should not
    be a secret for our scientific organizations especially for the
    National Academy of Sciences.

    By Hakob Chakrian