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  • Army-society relationships

    Azat Artsakh - Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
    May 1, 2004


    On April 27 the meeting with the NKR minister of defence Seyran
    Ohanian took place in the hall of Artsakh State University. At the
    meeting which was organized according to the joint program of the NKR
    ministries of culture and defence the vice minister of culture Slava
    Asrian was present. ArSU rector Hamlet Grigorian addressed the
    participants mentioning that the meeting organized on the eve of the
    May holidays inspires us with the belief that the Defence Army of NKR
    is in reliable hands. In the name of the commandment of the Defence
    Army the minister of defence greeted the guests and mentioned that
    meetings with the students are one of his important duties. At the
    same time S. Ohanian mentioned that this meeting once again testifies
    to the fact that the relationships army-society are becoming firmer.
    In this reference the cooperation of the Defence Ministry with the
    Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is mainly directed at the
    aim of educating the youth on the idea of patriotism. "The University
    is a center where the basis is laid for science, creation,
    progressive ideas. The University is a place where ideology is being
    rooted. Here the youth is educated to continue the mission of the
    senior generation, i.e. the Artsakh struggle and building of
    statehood. The more knowledge the youth has, the more significant the
    progress will be. Today the young people will be practically able to
    link the past to the present and understand that the Armenian land
    has always given birth to geniuses of mind and spirit. The biggest
    achievement of independence is that we got rid of alien ideas, false
    values, idols," said Seyran Ohanian. Then the minister of defence
    provided detailed information on the process of army building. The
    minister mentioned that the Armenian army is noted in the region for
    efficiency and everything will be done to defend the borders of the
    country. In his address NKR vice minister of education, culture and
    science Slava Asrian, stressing the importance of the meeting,
    mentioned that the cooperation between the two ministries will
    facilitate the solution of problems which the two systems face, in
    particular the preparation for conscription.


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