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Vivacell, 2nd mobile comm operator in Armenia,announces consumer pri

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  • Vivacell, 2nd mobile comm operator in Armenia,announces consumer pri


    ARKA News Agency
    June 29 2005

    YEREVAN, June 29. /ARKA/. VivaCell, the second mobile communication
    operator in Armenia, has already set up consumer prices of mobile
    communication. Difference in prices is due to hours when a call is
    made. Rush-hour calls are those made over a period between 7:00 and
    23:00, and common hours are between 23:00 and 7:00. Alo preliminary
    payment card costs AMD 7thnd. AMD 3.7thnd of free conversation of
    a 60-day validity (all the prices are presented with taking into
    account 20-percent VAT).

    A number of services such as conveying brief SMS messages, voice
    mail, international porting, multi-customer communication, coming
    calls identification, calls readdressing are to be rendered to those
    possessing Alo cards without preliminary payment and with monthly

    For Alo card users, rush-our calls within VivaCell customer network
    will cost AMD 90 per a minute, while per-minute price at the rest time
    of day is set at AMD 80. Price for calls to ArmenTel, Karabakh-Telecom
    (NKR) and Nagorno-Karabakh cable phone communication customers at
    rush hours is AMD 110, and over the rest time - AMD 90.

    Prices for Alo cards of reloading are AMD 2thnd (20 days), AMD 4.5thnd
    (55 days), AMD 7thnd (100 days), AMD 9.5thnd (150 days) and AMD 18thnd
    (300 days). Alo cards will be on sale in Armpost, Ardshininvestbank,
    Converse Bank and other centers.

    Payment for attaching Classic customer card to the network is set at
    AMD 4.5thnd and monthly customer payment is AMD 4thnd. Prices for calls
    to VivaCell other customers and Armenian cable phone communication
    customers are AMD 48 at rush hours and AMD 44 at the rest time. Calls
    to ArmenTel and Karabakh-Telecom (NKR) cellular customers are AMD 55
    and AMD 48 accordingly. Free services are also envisaged for Classic
    card users. Calls identification, regime of waiting, call readdressing,
    SMS messages sending, voice mail, multi-customer communication and
    international porting are among them. New paid services such as data
    conveying, bill detailing, phone number concealing in case of sending
    SMS massages, calls blocking, double SIM-card and international roaming
    are also included in the list of the services to be rendered by the
    company. Alassic cards will be on sale in the company's offices in
    Yerevan. Their addresses: Kievyan Str.11/1, Argishti Str. 4/1 and
    Erebuni Str. 18.

    VivaCell also offers corporative Business, Business+ and Optima cards
    intended for 5 to 20, 21 to 100 and 100 and more lines accordingly.

    Prices for calls within the corporative network will make AMD 40, 38
    and 36 accordingly. Calls to other VivaCell's customers and to cable
    phones in Armenia will cost accordingly AMD 46, 44 and 42 at rush
    hours and AMD 42, 42 and 40 at the rest time. Prices for rush-hour
    calls to ArmenTel and Karabakh-Telecom (NKR) mobile customers as well
    as Nagorno-Karabakh cable phones make AMD 52, 50 and 50 accordingly
    and at the remaining time AMD 48.

    International calls for Alo, Classic cards and corporative packages
    users to Russia and Georgia will cost AMD 235 and 165 (rush-hour and
    not), to other CIS countries AMD 285 and 200, to the U.S.A., Canada,
    Europe, Australia - AMD 430 and 300 and to the Middle East countries
    AMD 350 and 245. VivaCell's all customers will be able to send local
    SMS messages at AMD 20 and international ones at AMD 55. The company
    also announced that Sunday calls within VIvaCell and cable networks
    will make AMD 44. The company's free hot line number is 111. ($1 =
    AMD 442.85). M.V. --0-