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    Aram Abrahamian
    27 June 06

    The detection of the main ideas /circular document/ of the peaceful
    settlement offered to Armenia and Azerbaijan by the new appointed
    OSCE Minsk group cochairman Mathew Brayza and the RA President Robert
    Kocharian's declaration in Minsk that Armenia was ready to adopt
    that circular document as a ground in Bucharest, made the current
    stage of the NK conflict rather simple and transparent. Armenia is
    ready to leave the occupied territories instead of opening ways and
    replacing peacemakers in the contact zone for holding a referendum
    in Karabakh later.

    The point is that Azerbaijan is against it. The leadership of that
    country wants no replacement of Armenian forces and peacemakers but
    replacement of the Azerbaijani forces everywhere. But in that case
    by what the Â"autonomy of high classÂ" will be over, which as if
    will be given to Karabakh, isn't secret for everyone. That version
    is offered for delaying the problem and later by strengthening the
    army with Â"oil moneyÂ" to solve the problem by military way.

    The project of "becoming rich by selling oil" seems to me a little
    utopian, for example Kuwait or Venezuela must belong to the richest
    countries of the world and to have the most powerful armies, which
    isn't so. The economy of the country can develop only by free rivalry
    and by technologies of the 21st century.

    The leadership of Azerbaijan misleads it people knowingly, telling
    tales as if we live in darkness, die of hunger and if they insist
    a little more, we'll yield. Yes, Armenia is a developing, poor and
    non-democratic country. But it is obvious that it doesn't yield
    Azerbaijan and Georgia. And these three countries can't get out
    from this situation together but with open borders and good-neighbor

    I have already written that Brayza's version if isn't worse than
    the version of '97 "step by step", isn't also better. But it
    shouldn't become the point of internal political manipulations in
    Armenia. Especially those who were for "step by step" version won't
    say we were offering it 10 years ago. The necessity of making peace
    is higher than anyone's personal ambitions.

    --Boundary_(ID_kbilNHEytdJQl2liGTPNBw) --