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BAKU: Pashayev: Azerbaijan Won't Compromise Sovereignty and Terr Int

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  • BAKU: Pashayev: Azerbaijan Won't Compromise Sovereignty and Terr Int

    Democratic Azerbaijan
    Ïðàî ûáîðà, Azerbaijan
    June 30 2006

    Hafiz Pashayev: Azerbaijan Won't Compromise Over Sovereignty and
    Territorial Integrity of Azerbaijan

    Several days later the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United States,
    Hafiz Pashayev will complete his diplomatic mission in this country.
    Reportedly AzerTaj, the diplomat stated about it in his speech made
    at the Institute of Research of the Central Asia & Caucasus of the
    John Hopkins University. In his last speech before the American
    community the Ambassador, summarizing his 13-years activity in the
    U.S., said that for these years U.S.- Azerbaijan relations made a
    great path of development, and Azerbaijan turned to be one of the
    countries, presenting an interest for the United States as a
    strategic ally. In respect to Azerbaijan the United States pursued
    four main political purposes: uphold of Azerbaijan's independence,
    transition period to democracy and market economy, natural resources
    development projects and efforts for settlement of the
    Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict. Both countries achieved substantial
    progress in political field. Noted that "to represent Azerbaijan to
    the U.S. is difficult and responsible affair for each diplomat that
    particularly concerns Azerbaijan, faced the numerous internal and
    external pressures from the beginning of its independency," H.
    Pashayev underlined that the most difficult stage of his diplomatic
    mission to Washington was to make popular Azerbaijan in the U.S.
    Congress, and to raise to awareness of Congressmen unfairness and
    wrong of such political step as Amendment 907. Ambassador said: "In
    talks with one of the Congressmen from California, he was surprised
    with that geographically Azerbaijan does not surround Armenia all
    around and if he knew it before, he would not vote for sanctions
    against Azerbaijan." The favorable side of the activities due to
    Amendment 907 implies that it was lesson for American policy.
    Azerbaijani diplomats should have learnt the specifities of the
    Congress and complexity of the U.S. political system as soon as
    possible. Equally with political talks the Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev
    should brought to awareness of the Americans the culture, history,
    rich heritage of Azerbaijan, its hopes and expectations.
    In his last speech the Ambassador expressed Azerbaijan's position to
    Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict: "Armenia and separatists in
    Nagorno-Garabagh should understand that Azerbaijan won't compromise
    over the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan."
    H. Pashayev said: "If we do not solve our problems, others will solve
    them at the cost of our independence. The people constantly glancing
    in past cannot see the future. The Nagorno-Garabagh conflict is a
    result of territorial claims and obsolete views. Looking at
    successful cooperation of many years between the West and Japan and
    Germany, it is difficult to believe that once these allies fought
    with each other in cruel war."
    In conclusion, Hafiz Pashayev expressed his gratitude to the
    Presidents of Azerbaijan who trusted and entrusted him to represent
    our country in major center of the world on the important phase.
    Very soon H. Pashayev's book "Racing Uphill" will be published. This
    book says views of political struggle conducted for the last 13 years
    for the purposes of broad popularization of Azerbaijan in Congress.