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His Holiness Aram I received the president of the University of Boston, Dr.
Aram Chobanian, and his wife in the Antelias headquarters of the
Catholicosate of Cilicia on June 27. Dr. Chobanian, a prominent physician in
the United States, has been the head of the university's medical department
for years and then its president.

Dr. Chobanian and His Holiness Aram I discussed issues related to the
Armenian community of the United States, the presence of Armenian students
in the University of Boston and the Armenian community's contribution in the
various walks of life of the American society.

His Holiness praised the progress in the organization of the Armenian
communities in the United States and their connectedness to our national
structures, values and demands.

The president was then invited to lunch with His Holiness and they were
joined by the chairman of the National Central Council of the Catholicosate,
André Tabourian, president of Haigazian University, Rev. Dr. Paul
Haidostian, and former minister Alain Tabourian.

Primate of the Diocese of Lebanon Bishop Kegham Khatcherian will present the
guest with the "St. Mesrob Mashdots" insignia on behalf of His Holiness Aram
I. Dr. Chobanian is invited to Lebanon as a guest of Haigazian University,
to lecture at the university's year-end ceremony.

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