Story about how Turkish president charged carrying Azerbaijani flags
in stadium in Bursa and how they occurred in garbage cans

2009-10-31 14:57:00

ArmInfo. Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hulusi Kilic personally made
a call to Hussein Avni Karslioglu, now personal secretary of Turkish
president, and reminded that Turkish flags were waving during the
match Azerbaijan vs. Russia. He asked why the flags of Azerbaijan are
not allowed to Bursa stadium, Bakililar reported.

"After a while, I received an SMS on my mobile phone saying that
President of Turkey Abdullah Gul personally charged carrying
Azerbaijani flags in the stadium during the match Turkey vs. Armenia
despite FIFA's bans," the Ambassador said.

However, for some unknown reasons, the personal charge by Turkish
president probably had no effect on Bursa Mayor, for the ban on
Azerbaijani flags in the stadium was not cancelled. Hereby, another
provocation by Azerbaijani was prevented in Bursa thanks to FIFA. In
addition, the Turkish police did not allow fans with Azerbaijani flags
to the stadium and even threw the Azerbaijani flags into garbage cans
maybe because of special sympathy to their Azerbaijani brothers. In
this connection, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry expressed protest to
the Turkish Foreign Ministry. Afterwards, Turkish flags were removed
from the so-called Alley of Shekhids in Baku.

Armenia vs. Turkey football match in Bursa ended 2:0 in favor of
Turkey. The two countries presidents attended the match. Earlier on
October 10 in Zurich Armenia and Turkey signed the "Protocol on the
establishment of diplomatic relations" and the "Protocol on the
development of bilateral relations". To come into effect the protocols
must be submitted to the respective Parliaments for the ratification
on each side. Armenia and Turkey have no diplomatic relations and
their border was closed in 1993 by Ankara.