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Hay Dat pickets Turkish Embassy in Tel-Aviv

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  • Hay Dat pickets Turkish Embassy in Tel-Aviv

    Hay Dat pickets Turkish Embassy in Tel-Aviv

    2009-10-31 15:00:00

    ArmInfo. The ARFD Hay Dat office in Jerusalem organized a protest on
    the occasion of Turkey's 86th anniversary took place near Turkish
    embassy in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on October 28, Yerkramas daily reported.

    The reception for Israeli high-ranking political and military
    officials as well as various countries' diplomats and diplomatic
    missions was organized while the rally outside was held. The
    protesters were carrying banners accusing Turkey of crime against
    Armenians. The protest action was covered by Israeli press.

    Genocide of Armenians has been recognized by Uruguay, Russia, France,
    Lithuania, the Lower Chamber of Italian Parliament, the majority of
    American States, the Greek, Cyprian, Argentinean, Belgian Parliaments,
    the Parliament of Wales, the National Council of Switzerland, the
    House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and Polish Seim. Turkey
    denies the genocide of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915-1923.