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They Will Need to Make Money on Their `Ally's' Blood

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  • They Will Need to Make Money on Their `Ally's' Blood

    They Will Need to Make Money on Their `Ally's' Blood

    Igor Muradyan

    Story from News:

    Published: 11:22:49 - 16/08/2012

    The Russian politician Dmitry Rogozin has been included in the
    administration in order to make speeches and utter things which nobody else
    wants to utter. Everyone understands that he will not be allowed to do a
    serious job, only shocking behavior. There are always fools in Moscow. The
    Russian political scientist Alexander Doogin once referred to him as `a
    badly disguised scoundrel'.

    Dima Rogozin has left for Baku, perhaps in order to agree on arms supply.
    In fact, this agreement is the business of other people, and Rogozin has
    been sent to Baku for the final prospect. This statesman suits best for the
    solution of this issue because he can afford (or he has been allowed) to
    say everything.

    By the way, this is not the first time Rogozin went to Baku. He was there
    before for similar goals. However, Moscow hardly hopes for other
    perspectives relating to Azerbaijan. The utmost Moscow can expect is
    Azerbaijan's `word' not to participate in political and defense

    Even though the Russian statesmen announce about strategic relations with
    Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani intelligence (as well as Turkey's and
    Georgia's) work against the interests of Russia and not only in terms of
    collection of information but also actions.

    One way or another, independent from goals, Moscow wants to warn Armenia
    about arming Azerbaijan. The Eurasian project which is not in place yet
    presupposes certain devices to include countries in a union which will
    deprive them of sovereignty or external threat or a lost war or a political

    Moscow thinks that if Armenia defeats Azerbaijan and occupies other
    territories it will appear in such a difficult situation that it will be
    have to sacrifice its sovereignty.

    Russian companies and political managers intend to boost Russian supply of
    arms to Azerbaijan from 57% to 90% for which the Kremlin thinks there are
    other industrial resources. In any case, they will need to make money on
    their `ally's' blood.

    Serzh Sargsyan and Seiran Ohanyan are obviously pursuing integration with
    NATO avoiding causes to end relations with Russia. More exactly, it is
    possible to convey to Russia the understanding that after years of
    searching for ways of establishment of strategic relations with Russia the
    Armenian military and political leadership has drawn a conclusion that the
    technology of escaping the Russian orbit is tougher than the technology of
    accession to NATO.

    Apparently, one should know and understand some things not to doubt that
    NATO and some of its member states have worked out certain intentions
    regarding Armenia. In this situation even Robert Kocharyan, the actor of
    old impressions, would play the same game.

    Unfortunately, even such informed political leadership as Russia's does not
    have an adequate understanding of the Armenian issue of NATO policy. Some
    military officials of Armenia were allowed to work with both Russia and
    NATO to get rid of apolitical illusions. Now the team has no doubts. The
    doubts are about the time of starting war. This problem exists but it can
    be resolved.