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Ongoing Struggle In Aleppo

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  • Ongoing Struggle In Aleppo


    30 July, 2012

    YEREVAN, JULY 30, ARMENPRESS: Both Syrian Government and Opposition
    forces announce they are taking control on the central Salaheddine
    district of Aleppo. As Armenpress reports citing Euronews violent
    clashes are continuing in the city.

    Still on July 20 the rebel fighters took control over some districts of
    the city. Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister Walid Muallem accused Qatar,
    Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries, which hinder the cessation
    of conflict in Syria helping fighters with necessary armaments.

    According to "France Press" agency, Syrian rebels captured Anadani
    checkpoint of strategic significance situated in Aleppo's north-western
    part. In the words of General Abdel Naser , the capture of checkpoints
    will enable to control the road taking to the border of Turkey.

    In the briefing with Armenpress, Syria's Armenian Community head
    Nazaret Elmagyan told, regardless the tense atmosphere the situation
    in Armenian districts has been calm,is not in the center of the
    attack. Currently the onslaught is ongoing in three districts:
    Salaheddine, Alsakhour, Al Hayadaria.

    In the words of Elmajyan there are also foreign fighters within
    the opposition.

    According to the Syrian Human Rights Organization data 17 thousand
    192 people died because of the Syrian 16 months ongoing clashes. The
    Arab media reports that among the dead11 thousand 897 were peaceful
    civilians, and 4348 were security officers. Among the victims there
    were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. The
    Syrian riots make the Syrians leave the country appearing in other
    countries as refugees. Recently the Armenian community representatives
    also leave the country. The refugee status or asylum applications from
    Syria are considered in an accelerated procedure, at least ten days.

    On July 26, Armenian government introduced amendments to the earlier
    decision, enabling Syrian citizens of Armenian descent to receive
    passports in diplomatic institutions.With another decision the
    Executive Body verified that Armenian nationality foreign citizens
    from now and then will be enabled a chance to receive entry visa to
    the Republic of '~RArmavia '~R in the border checkpoints of Armenia.

    "Armavia" company and Armenian Government are negotiating to make
    available a second flight per week Aleppo-Yerevan direction.

    From: A. Papazian