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Don't Let My Son Die'

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  • Don't Let My Son Die'

    `Don't Let My Son Die'

    Zhanna Alexanyan
    Story from News:

    Published: 13:42:27 - 19/05/2012

    Zvart Kirakosyan, mother of the conscript Suren Kirakosyan who has been on
    hunger strike since April 5 met with his son on May 17 in Goris
    penitentiary. `When I hugged my son, his body seemed lifeless,' says the
    mother. When the mother asked him to stop starving, the son said: `Let me
    die in peace.'

    The demand of conscript Suren Kirakosyan to receive medical examination has
    not been accepted, so now he has resorted to the opposite- the refuses any
    treatment. He even wrote: `Please, don't help me when I feel bad.' The head
    and the staff of Goris penitentiary asked the soldier's mother to convince
    him to agree to be treated.

    Yesterday, Zvart Harutyunyan requested the head of the department of
    penitentiaries Hayk Harutyunyan to transfer his son to the hospital of
    prisoners but there has been no response yet.

    One of Suren Kirakosyan's demands was to review his criminal case. He was
    charged for deserting.

    Note that even in his present condition he is regularly taken from Goris to
    Kapan court, but every time the court hearing is adjourned due to his

    The soldier had serious health problems even before his conscription. His
    health got worse during his service.

    The mother says he left the military unit to get treatment because he did
    not receive any treatment at the military unit.

    The soldier and her mother are desperate. The mother appeals to everyone:
    `Don't let my son die.' No one hears her voice. For the militaries Suren's
    hunger strike is a challenge and their silence means they will win.

    From: Baghdasarian