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Orange Foundation Supports Furnishing Of Lusakunk Village Kindergart

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  • Orange Foundation Supports Furnishing Of Lusakunk Village Kindergart


    Story from News:
    Published: 12:14:36 - 30/05/2012

    Orange Foundation and Shen NGO are continuing to implement charity
    projects directed to the development of remote rural communities
    of Armenia. The key beneficiaries of these projects are children -
    their education, health, pre-school and physical preparation.

    >From now on the renovated kindergarten of Lusakunk village in
    Gegharkunik region will host its 30 pupils in a beautifully furnished
    building. Lusakunk village has 1289 residents and this kindergarten
    plays a vital role in the organization of the everyday life of the
    local people. It enables not only to provide children with pre-school
    education and get integrated into society from early years, but also
    provides working places for the women of the village.

    "Children have always been in the center of attention of the Orange
    Foundation. We highly prioritize the issues related to children,
    their education and cultural development in the life of the country,
    as future achievements of each country depend on the attention we
    show towards our children today. This is the 8th kindergarten which
    has received the support of the Foundation. I am proud to also note
    that Orange Armenia employees have collected books and toys that
    will be distributed in different communities which are beneficiaries
    of our partner "Shen" charitable organization" said Bruno Duthoit,
    the Chairman of the Board of Orange Foundation.

    The kindergarten of Lusakunk was renovated recently by the means of the
    rural community. World Vision and Shen NGOs also had their contribution
    in partial furnishing of the kindergarten, and the village municipality
    has renovated the building of the kindergarten by its means.

    To furnish the kindergarten Orange Foundation has allotted around 2
    million AMD.