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Artsakh To Have An Opera House

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  • Artsakh To Have An Opera House

    14:25 . 30/05

    Artsakh will have an opera house. This is the initiative of NKR's
    ministry of culture, which is supported by the specialists of Yerevan
    Komitas State Conservatory.

    They assure there is no lack of staff. There are many talented singers
    and musicians in Artsakh. Anush Opera was performed in Stepanakert
    recently. No new building will be constructed. Stepanakert's Drama
    Theatre will be completely reconstructed and brought in line with
    requirements of an opera house so that it will be possible to stage
    both opera and drama performances. The works are the phase of design.

    There are also people who are ready to make investments.

    They don't wish to mention dates, but probably it will be possible
    to watch the first opera performances in Artsakh in three years.

    Everything depends on the building conditions while according to
    specialists, the creative group is ready to come out to the stage
    even tomorrow.

    "We must pass a long way to have that theatre. I don't believe it can
    be ready by the help of a magic wand for the mechanisms to work and the
    singers to sing. That is a difficult and long process, for which, I can
    see, Artsakh's leadership is ready," the head of the opera performance
    chair of the Yerevan State Conservatory Hovhannes Hovhannisyan said.

    "If there is a wish to develop the opera art in Artsakh, the
    students will be sent to trainings with that demand and will return
    to Artsakh," the head of the chair of opera and symphonic conducting
    of the conservatory Hovhannes Mirzoyan said.

    From: A. Papazian