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"Our Lives Are Threatened Every Minute"

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  • "Our Lives Are Threatened Every Minute"


    06:04 pm | March 27, 2013 | Politics

    Five-year-old Areg, who attends a kindergarten in frontier Chinari
    village, knows where he should run to 'find shelter' with the other
    29 children if Azerbaijanis start shelling the village.

    The director of the kindergarten shows the mountain from where
    Azerbaijanis target at the village, keeping the 30 children of the
    kindergarten at gunpoint.

    "Our lives are threatened every minute," says the director.

    The local authorities say they have no time for heroic deeds. The
    head of the village Samvel Soghoyan says they are doing everything
    to keep the enemy ignorant of their problems.

    "In all cases, we must show the enemy that the shelling has not harmed
    us because they might get more obscene," he said.

    Mr Soghoyan says Azerbaijanis get more aggressive during the spring
    sowing and when the villagers harvest wheat and grape.

    "Sometimes, we reap the fields and harvest the crop at night," said
    the village head.

    Chinari is officially said to have 1200 residents. The locals say
    the figure is far from the reality. About 600 people have left the
    village in recent years. The vast majority of the inhabitants are
    elderly people. Israel Vanyan, 73, lives in the village with his
    wife. Their five sons live and work in the Russian capital.

    The elderly people say they have got used to the enemy's hours-long
    fire attack.


    The article was written within the framework of a visit to the frontier
    villages organized by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting
    (IWPR). On March 24-26, a group of journalists visited Tavush marz
    to cover the problems of frontier villages.