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Tehran: Embassy Rejects Azeri Media's Allegations Against Iran As "B

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  • Tehran: Embassy Rejects Azeri Media's Allegations Against Iran As "B


    Fars News Agency, Iran
    March 28 2013

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Embassy in Baku dismissed as "baseless"
    the news reports by some Azeri media that Iran has cooperated in the
    setting up of a new radio in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

    Some Azeri media have reported that Iran has cooperated with setting up
    of a "secessionist" radio in the town of Susa in the Nagorno-Karabakh

    "The Islamic Republic of Iran respects the territorial integrity of
    Azerbaijan Republic and is opposed to secessionist moves that endanger
    the geographical independence of this country (Azerbaijan)," Head of
    Iranian Embassy's Media Office Seyed Mohammad Ayatollahi said in Baku
    on Wednesday.

    Azerbaijan Republic's Azadliq daily wrote on Wednesday that the recent
    launching of "a new radio station called Talshin Susi in Armenian
    occupied Susa region of that republic".

    According to that daily, the Azeri officials who have Talishi origins
    have considered the move as a "secessionist move aimed at sabotage
    inside Azerbaijan, in which the foot tracks of some neighboring
    countries, too, are evident".

    Ayatollahi rejected the Azeri media's allegations against Iran as

    Earlier this year, Iranian Ambassador to Baku Mohsen Pakayeen cautioned
    that continued dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Karabakh
    region will leave negative impacts on the region.

    Pakayeen said that the foreign powers "are using the dispute as a
    tool to pursue their objectives in South Caucasus, and stressed that
    continuation of the conflict will harm" the regional countries.

    "Trans-regional powers do not seek solution to the Karabakh dispute,"
    the Iranian diplomat added.

    Meantime, Pakayeen stressed Tehran's readiness to mediate between
    Azerbaijan and Armenia in Karabakh dispute.

    Also earlier this year, Baku's Ambassador to Tehran Javanshir Akhoundov
    appreciated Iran for its readiness to help resolve territorial
    disputes among the regional nations, and said his country supports
    Iran's mediation in the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute between Azerbaijan
    and Armenia.

    "On the first days of my mission in Tehran, the Iranian side urged me
    (to inform my government) to hold a meeting to settle the Karabakh
    issue, I conveyed the proposal to Baku and my country announced that we
    are ready for talks but unfortunately the Armenian side didn't accept
    (to attend in talks)," Akhoundov told FNA.

    He appreciated Iran for its readiness to mediate in the Karabakh
    dispute, and said Tehran and Baku enjoy good bilateral ties and enjoy
    abundant commonalities.

    "In today's world, we cannot find any two countries like Iran and
    Azerbaijan which are so close to each other in cultural, religious,
    traditional, historical and even geographical fields," Akhoundov said
    at the time.

    Despite facing strong international pressure, the Armenian and
    Azerbaijani leaders have failed to agree on the basic principles of
    ending the Karabakh conflict put forward by Russia, the United States,
    and France in 2011.

    Armenia and Azerbaijan remain officially at war over Karabakh and
    the dispute is a major source of tension in the South Caucasus region
    wedged between Iran, Russia and Turkey.

    No country - not even Armenia - officially recognizes Karabakh as an
    independent state.

    The rebel region has been controlled by ethnic Armenians since it
    broke free of Baku's control after a fierce war in the early 1990s
    that killed 30,000 people.