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Hayrikyan On Sedrakyan Verdict: ". . . Back To Imperialist Russia"

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  • Hayrikyan On Sedrakyan Verdict: ". . . Back To Imperialist Russia"

    NEWS | 24.09.13 | 17:15


    ArmeniaNow reporter

    The aggrieved party and the defendant in the attempted assassination
    case against former presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan are both
    unhappy with yesterday's court verdict meant to settle a criminal
    case arising from last winter's presidential election campaign.

    The final court hearing on Monday ended with a guilty verdict,
    sentencing defendant Vardan Sedrakyan, also former presidential
    candidate known as an epos expert, to 14 years of imprisonment for
    attempted assassination against Hayrikyan. The court found the other
    two defendants, Khachik Poghosyan and Samvel Harutyunyan, guilty of
    organizing and implementing the assassination attempt and sentenced
    to 14 and 12 years, respectively.

    While Sedrakyan's defense attorney claims the court has brought
    in an unfair verdict and failed to prove his client's guilt, that
    Sedrakyan had nothing to do with the crime he is now convicted for,
    adding that he would appeal the verdict and take it up to the European
    Court of Human Rights, Hayrikyan states his "disappointment with how
    the case proceeded".

    During his Tuesday meeting with the press Hayrikyan did not rule out
    the chance of him, too, appealing the verdict, however he would not
    be challenging the sentence, because he believes it is the minimum for
    such a crime. He says the court did not carry out full examination of
    the case and that it should summon "those people who came as witnesses
    during the preliminary investigation and who had given $100,000 to the
    mastermind as a gift". Hayrikyan believes that only by questioning
    those people it would be possible "to come close to the person who
    gave the order".

    Former Soviet dissident Hayrikyan, who regards Russian "imperialist
    powers" and KGB as the mastermind behind the crime against him,
    went even further today stating that "the supporters of reinstating
    Russian imperialism started Armenia's 'voluntary' membership in the
    Customs Union (CU) by the gunshots fired at him on January 31, and
    ended by Serzh Sargsyan's September 3 statement on joining the CU".

    "The European Union is offering, the Customs Union is forcing, the
    EU is advancing, the CU is regressing back to the USSR the Armenian
    people gave up in September of 1991 by 94 percent of votes. Russia -
    the axis of the CU - being Armenia's strategic partner is supplying
    mass destruction weapon to Aliyev threatening to resume the war against
    Armenia," Hayrikyan said, expressing his position on Armenia's joining
    the CU.