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Defeat Is Cruel Clampdown On Pluralism And Bloody Terror

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  • Defeat Is Cruel Clampdown On Pluralism And Bloody Terror


    Siranuysh Papyan, Interviewer
    Politics - Thursday, 20 February 2014, 15:38

    Interview with the first ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia Alexander
    Bozhko on developments on Maidan

    Mr. Bozhko, what is your assessment of the developments on Maidan? The
    Kremlin has described it as an attempt at a state coup.

    The Kremlin is thereby trying to affect the international community
    though there was just a peaceful march to Supreme Rada where the
    decision on restoring the Constitution of 2004 to return to the
    parliamentary-presidential republic. Thereby the powers of the
    president, in reality the powers of a dictator, would be limited.

    The clashes were provoked by the security agencies. They started
    shooting and throwing grenades at the demonstrators. I'm saying this
    as a witness. Those actions forced the demonstrators to respond. At
    the same time, the leadership of Supreme Rada refused to put to vote
    the bill presented by the government, thereby causing tension to grow.

    To these added the actions of Titushky who had been sent by the

    Mr. Bozhko, what will victory in Maidan bring, and what will defeat
    in Maidan bring? There is an opinion that the civil defeat will
    establish dictatorship, and if wins, dictatorship and oligarchy will
    be eliminated.

    The demonstrators have minimum demands: law enforcement, division of
    powers instead of usurpation of government by one of the powers.

    Defeat is cruel clampdown on pluralism and bloody terror against
    their opponents. I am afraid that everything will end up like this
    unless the current course of developments changes.

    In your opinion, what should the stance of Russia and Europe be? Is
    their reaction adequate?

    The main issue is to stop the bloodshed on Maidan. Russia is actually
    justifying Berkut's cruelties. Unfortunately, Europe is silent,
    apparently apprehending Putin. Europe seems to fail to understand
    that if such tendencies continue, and European leaders fail to take
    decisive steps, their ostrich policy will lead to an intensive and
    large-scale war.

    Mr. Bozhko, how will these developments end up? What if the way out
    for Ukraine?

    The sides should meet in Supreme Rada to discuss the possibility to
    return to the Constitution of 2004 and achieve a compromise.

    Unfortunately, lowering the scale by force will not lead anywhere.

    This step will not resolve the problems existing in Ukraine. There
    will again be bloodshed, and negotiations, compromise will be harder,
    even impossible. Everyone will lose in this case.

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